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Shooting the curl.

 A weekend trip to see our old pals in Richmond, packed with food, fun and friendship.  Our kids were in kindergarten when we met in Ft. Riley, Kansas, and many a night was spent by the bonfire on Scott Place.  Military families can pick up from where they left off with ease.

This is how we raclette.  There's no such thing as too much cheese.  Combined with the marjolaine, we were well-fortified for the Curling Club of Virginia.  The learn to curl session was a mixture of lecture (booooorrrring) and ice time (not boring!).  It would have been inadvisable to take a nice camera on the ice, but if you're my Facebook friend there is some priceless cell-phone video of me "delivering the stone."

Sunday was legitimately the warmest day of the year and we walked around in shorts, first through the Hollywood Cemetery, then Carytown.  I tried on a vintage halter dress at a boutique that I gladly would have paid way too much money for if only I could have zipped it up without having to surgically remove a couple of ribs.  Seriously, people in the 70's were waifs! Obviously I can do way more pull-ups than the original owner.

Basically a giant Mounds bar.

Basically a giant Mounds bar.

Someone left the cake out.

Apples to Oranges.