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Pie Are Round

A very belated Pi day post, showcasing my first attempt at a British picnic pie complete with hot water crust.  I filled mine with a combination of curried carrots and cauliflower, but I used Chetna's crust recipe.  My bottom might have been a bit underdone,  but overall a "good bake."  This dough was a pleasure to work with and is definitely more "sturdy" than "flaky."  

Speaking of no soggy bottoms, after the 72 thrusters of the 15.5 Crossfit Open Workout I am happy to report that my bottom is especially firm.   I scaled it because I'm old, my shoulder hurts with 65#, and mostly because I wanted to crush it.   We will have to wait until Monday to find out where I ranked in the shallow pool that is Master's women, 45-49 years old, Mid-Atlantic, scaled division.  I will be hitting "refresh" on the leaderboard hourly.  Just kidding.  I meant every 15 minutes, okay, every 5.

In other sports news, Maddy and I got into the Marine Corp Marathon.  Luckily my body has seven months to remember how to run that far.  I will end this post with a recipe for a sauce I invented.  It would not be good to eat during a marathon, but it's excellent on seared ahi.

Gochujang mayo: take some mayo--maybe a cup? add ~1 tbs. of gochujang, a little rice wine vinegar and a drizzle of sesame oil.  Salt to taste.  

Old San Juan

Someone left the cake out.