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Eye Candy

Our first beach experience in Puerto Rico was on Good Friday--traditionally a holiday.  All of Puerto Rico is at the beach on Good Friday.  There was the requisite beach weirdo--feeding pelicans, lots of Medalla and salsa music and very little personal space.  These photos were taken a few days later in the early morning.  Just a few fisherman dotting the pier and plenty of good snorkeling.

For our penultimate dinner we traveled to Isabela and ate at Clmdo.  A newish restaurant whose chef, Wilson, a Brooklyn transplant, taught himself to cook and is serving up some seriously delicious food.  Note his spartan kitchen.  We were disappointed that he had run out of ice cream.  It was easy to forgive him; he makes it by hand without an ice cream maker!  I was not surprised that in his former life he was an engineer.  I know an engineer that up until I visited didn't own a spatula.  We settled for some ice cream in the town square where Ian had limited time to get a quick shot of a couple of Paso Fino horses.

Yes, that is a Mr. Softee truck shortly before it was beset upon by beach-goers at Playa Jobos. Surfers love a post session chocolate malt.

South By Southwest

They're walking the nose....