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Take the wheel and steer.

I'm getting so far behind on the Puerto Rico posts that I'm just going to show you some beautiful beach pictures, give you a brief description, and talk about other stuff that has happened since we returned.  I'm pretty sure this is a picture of Crash Boat beach.   I am putting in the food truck picture because Sophie and I were at the farmer's market today and they were charging $6 a piece for some tiny empanadas.  She said, "we're not in PR any more." We got pizza empanadas there at this truck--2 for $3.   We did succumb to the lure of a Nutella-filled churro at the farmer's market ($3).  Sophie finally got her driver's permit, and she drove us to and from the market with minimal palpitations on my part.  This included backing out of a parking spot and avoiding some squirrely cyclists.   Over the course of the next 9 months she needs to accrue 60 hours of supervised driving (10 of those hours at night), attend 30 hours of classroom time and have 6 hours of professional driving instruction.  Then she can sit for her provisional license.  Per Sophie, "Mom is weak, she can only last 20 minutes of drive time."  I am hoping to increase my tolerance as Ian will be away on and off all summer for work.    Our student driver magnets have dramatically increased the following distance of the cars behind us, and I am tempted to leave them on 24/7 to prevent tailgating.   

People like pints of pina coladas.

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