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Jose Enrique

I knew before we went to Puerto Rico that we really needed to eat at Jose Enrique.  Tucked away in a nondescript bungalow adjacent to La Placita, it's off the beaten path.  The hostess stands on the porch and whenever somebody walks by and peers into the restaurant she scoops them up with a friendly "are you looking for Jose Enrique?"  We ate there twice. 


The menu is ever changing, and the first night we had some incredible prawns and an octopus tostada.  Straightforward, pristinely fresh seafood with a nod to Puerto Rican flavors.  The other standout dish was the fried pork--basically a confit of pork shoulder with caramelized onions.  On our second visit we branched out from the appetizer menu and enjoyed the beef stew, and the salad--a pile of mustard greens, expertly dressed and showered with parmesan was a welcome relief from all the fried foods we had been indulging in all week.  They brought a round of anisette shots gratis at the end of the meal.  Sophie had a tiny sip, nearly spit it out and decided she is still not ready for adult beverages.  The drinking age in PR is 18 and there were numerous occasions when she could have easily scored a full-octane pina colada.  We wandered around La Placita for a bit listening to the salsa bands and then called it a night.  The next day we will head west--stay tuned.

They're walking the nose....

Old San Juan