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Finally, adios.

We spent the last 24 hours in San Juan visiting the rainforest--packed with turistas, I got a migraine, and a city beach--delightfully uncrowded with plenty of sea life.  

As I write this post, the weather has turned on "full summer" mode, and I am slightly dreading our Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon this Saturday.  There is an actual wine stop at the halfway point which I will not partake of.  Like my friend Kerrie says, "Running + heat + wine= no bueno.  I am so angry at the race organizer who is charging folks an extra $15 to pick up packet on race day morning.  If you pick up the packet at a local running shop on Thursday, it's an extra $10!  It's all a ploy to get you to pick it up "for free" at the expo on Friday to ensure that the vendors get plenty of traffic.  I will be complaining when I pick up my packet for free and buy a new pair of shorts that I need like another hole in my head.

Stay tuned for our Memorial Day highlight reel from our trip to Charlottesville last weekend.

16 Candles

People like pints of pina coladas.