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Old San Juan

The Google maps lady lost a lot in translation, but we made it from the airport to the hotel in spite of her hilarious Spanish pronunciation issues.  Ignoring the many warnings in the guidebooks to avoid driving during rush hour we found parking and spent our first afternoon walking around Old San Juan.

We fortified ourselves with $3 ice cream (coconut and passion fruit), chorizo, pulpo tostones and ceviche.  Lots of feral cats, stunningly beautiful architecture, brand name American stores (think Ralph Lauren) and tacky souvenir shops--the latter primarily near the cruise ship docks.

How wonderful to sit outside on a breezy patio sipping homemade limeade after our cold, cruel winter.  It was the first of many al fresco dining experiences during this trip. Aside from the giant palmetto bug I saw in the bathroom one night, Puerto Rico is remarkably bug-free; we only ate two meals indoors the entire trip.

Jose Enrique

Pie Are Round