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16 Candles

Behold Sophie's sixteenth birthday cake in all its glory.  We had dinner al fresco at Urban Heights--hits included lumpia, edamame, and Chinese broccoli and misses included the chili oil that tasted like old canola oil and the weirdly short noodles in the lukewarm pho.  

I used Sophie's favorite ice cream: banana with caramelized white chocolate and layered with a golden sponge cake and guava jam.  When you "frost" the cake try to make spiky peaks.  This will maximize the surface area and give you more of the delicious slightly burnt tips.

According to Wikipedia, baked Alaska day falls on February 1st.  We missed the date but nailed the result.  If you have a propane torch, and you should, I highly recommend using it to brown the meringue.  

Despite numerous offers of a birthday party, Sophie elected to have some friends over to Taco 3.0 the next day.  There was a lot of Mexican coke-fueled screaming so it must have been fun. And by coke, I mean Coca-Cola, although it would have been hard to tell the difference.

Gin Spam

Finally, adios.