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Gin Spam

>50% of these people had too many margaritas the night before.....

>50% of these people had too many margaritas the night before.....

For the second consecutive year, Mother's Day was the day after the Taco party.  Spam musubi is hangover food at its finest.  We would have to wait to sample the gin that Maddy made for me.  I'm excited to have a gin & tonic under the stars--maybe we can bring some to Wolf Trap this Friday (the B52's!).  

Taco 3.0 was well attended, but I still made way too many carnitas.  The vegetarian tacos (grilled eggplant and roasted cauliflower) were a surprise hit.  They will return, but not the chicken tinga tacos.  I wish I could find the tiny corn tortillas here because then everyone wouldn't fill up so fast.  Every time I worry that there won't be enough food, and every time there is an overabundance.  Next year I'm going to ask people to bring a Tupperware and they won't be allowed to leave until all the food is gone or their Tupperware is full.

I have renewed my interest in sewing since Sophie's cosplay production requires the sewing machine to be perpetually on the dining room table.  I made this and this.  I will be using a drapier fabric for the next dress, but I totally nailed the skirt.  Pictures forthcoming, and you will see what I mean.


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