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Ch-ch-cherry bomb.

I found a recipe for sour cherry cobbler that is older than Maddy.  It is dead simple, and you can find it here.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why it calls for boiling water.  I subbed cold whey I had leftover from yogurt making.  We picked enough cherries to make two cobblers and cherry bounce.  The food section of this week's Washington Post had a recipe, and like all the other recipes I found on-line mentioned that it was one of George Washington's favorite drinks.  At least he didn't waste all those cherries when he chopped down that tree.  If my calculations are correct, it should be ready in August.  Don't worry about piercing the fruit with a knife.  If you remember correctly, sour cherries are easy to pit by simply squeezing the pit out the stem hole.

I found that cookbook stand on the curb on my way to Crossfit the other morning.  It's one of those things I would never buy, but if somebody is throwing one out in pristine condition I'm not above bringing it home.  Maddy was so proud.  Curb mining has contributed to her apartment furnishings in a not insubstantial way.  UVA students have a reputation for ditching excess stuff at the end of the academic year to her benefit.  Sophie's academic year drew to a close this past week.  She is now a rising junior and has already purchased Strunk & White for her summer reading list and filled in her calendar with a schedule for reading and running.  I wish I had my kids' organizational skills.  Writing this blog post may be the only productive thing I do today.  I'm post-call, it's too hot to run and I'm too tired anyway.  I got a ten mile run in last Saturday--hoping to get 12 in tomorrow before 9 a.m.  Hoping my dinner date tonight with Ian at The Pursuit doesn't crush those dreams.  

Who'd throw a thing like that away?

Who'd throw a thing like that away?

Tent Revival

Memorial Day 2015