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Tent Revival

Finally, a day with relatively low humidity, and I'm not going to let last night's thunderstorm ruin my outdoor coffee break.  I was dismayed to find the tent in what appeared to be ruins when I got home from work last night, but this morning after Crossfit I was able to "fix" it.  

Sophie is at Camp Letts for the week, and Ian is on yet another work trip to Ft. Hood.  I have been enjoying a relatively clean house and having things like salad and half a bag of kettle corn for dinner.  I am weighing the risk-benefit ratio of cleaning Sophie's room while she is gone.  I'm looking forward to "Book of Mormon" on Saturday and having everyone back home.

The garden is doing well with all the rain except for my big tomato plant that got knocked down last night.  I think my gardening woes of years past have been due to under watering.  I planted the radish seeds too close together this year and got a bunch of greens and some crappy, woody radishes.  I'm going to make some Saag Paneer with the greens substituting tofu for the paneer because it's what's available.  I picked blueberries and tart cherries again this past week.  The cherries became jam and cheesecake topping.  The blueberries remain in the bucket I picked them in, awaiting Sophie's return.

Crossfit at the new gym has made for a lot of gains.  I can now clean 93#, rope climb without fear and do the prescribed weight for the workouts at least 50% of the time.  The only weight I'm no longer worried about is the one my bathroom scale.  When my scooter battery died last week I pushed it home 2 miles, mostly uphill without too much trouble.

Still lots to look forward to this summer--my birthday, Sophie's trip to HI, Otakon, driving school, trip to Richmond, camping in Virginia Beach, the Spartan Sprint, but I know it's going to be over too soon.  The marathon looms in October.  Long run currently ~12 miles.  We will see if all this cross-training will keep me injury-free.


Since you been gone.

Ch-ch-cherry bomb.