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Since you been gone.

The night before Ian and Sophie got back I had a dream that the house was instantly filthy and cluttered.  When I told Ian, he said, "Not really a dream if it is reality."  Apparently, Sophie is "garbage blind" (her words)--a condition characterized by the inability to see overflowing recycling bins.

The fun has been non-stop since their return.  "Book of Mormon" was irreverent, hilarious and completely worth the ticket price.  We had a great post-theater meal at Kapnos Taverna.  Unbeknownst to us, they have a crazy cheap happy hour, and we ordered and ate the entire happy hour menu.  I want Maddy to make me the ceramic tray they use for their dip trio.  Mike Isabella is opening Kapnos Kouzina in Bethesda this fall, and I plan to be first in line.  Yesterday after my call shift, we watched "Wild."  There will be no thru-hiking of any trail by my children if I die young and tragically.  On the upside, I am pretty sure nobody will experiment with heroin either.  The bloody toenail scene was worse than any horror movie for Sophie.

While they were away I made a stunning blueberry cream cheese coffee cake that I had to take to labor and delivery or risk eating the entire thing single-handedly.  It was very well-received.  I baked in a 9" pie plate instead of an 8x8.  Bring to your next breakfast pot-luck and win.  I also made some Paleo-ish bars with raisins/unsweetened coconut/nuts--process into a paste, press into dish, chill and cut into bars.  Add chocolate chips as desired, but highly recommend.

Speaking of Paleo, I have a new split jerk PR of 113#.  One of my Crossfit BFF and I tied for first in the partner WOD this weekend, but since we were older than the other pair, Ian said, "So basically, you won."  Long run clocked in at 9 miles this weekend.  Got to get the weekday mileage up.  I am dragging Sophie to watch my workout today with the promise of Paul afterwards.  We will pick more blueberries tomorrow--maybe they can be featured in my birthday cake.

The thrill of the grill.

Tent Revival