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The thrill of the grill.

I was allowed to "open" my birthday present a little early and used it to make dinner that night.  If you have been afraid of charcoal grilling due to the length of time you have to wait for the coals to be ready, then buy this, and problem solved.  Seriously, 15-20 minutes and you have lava-hot coals--no lighter fluid required.


I made the grilled salmon with herb butter sauce from the The Essential NYT Grilling Cookbook. This is a skin-on filet and I grilled over direct heat initially and then moved over for indirect heat to finish.  I did not turn the fish.  You can find the recipe here near the end of the article.  The potatoes fondant with oregano, or in my case, rosemary, while not cooked on the grill were a sleeper hit as well.  That butter sauce though....it could make anything taste good. It reheated well the next day with minimal separation.  

Ian, initially a charcoal skeptic, was converted by this meal alone.  Thanks to Maddy for the gif at the beginning of this post, and to Sophie for buying me the orange silicone mitts that made me brave enough to pour out those coals.


Hot Shots 19

Since you been gone.