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Homeward bound.

Despite their colossal computer glitch on the outward bound section of the trip, United Airlines managed to get Sophie home 40 minutes early.  Got to love a tailwind.  Thanks to the Army, we haven't seen much of Ian this summer.  He owes me a lot of lawn mowing.  I will accept cute Korean t-shirts as barter.

When one of our Crossfit coaches, Chris Shirley,  posted a link to a churro ice-cream sandwich on Facebook, I knew I had found the perfect welcome home dessert for Sophie.  Especially since I threw away all of her Halloween candy (except the Kit-Kat that I ate) when I cleaned her room.  This is now my Platonic ideal for the ice cream sandwich.  Did you know that churros are just fried choux paste?  Me neither.  Instead of piping directly into the hot oil, pipe the swirls onto parchment and freeze until you can pry them up easily (about 30 min).  Fry at 325F for ~3-4 min per side.  Drain and roll in cinnamon sugar.  Sandwich with your favorite ice cream.  I made Jenni's banana recipe and dusted with shaved chocolate.  Next time we will make sure the churros are warm, but these were definitely edible.

Drove my Chevy to the levee.

Happy Birthday to me!