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Hook 'em horns

Maddy and Michael came for the weekend, and we enjoyed a trip to the Montgomery County Fair complete with pig races, quilt competitions and fried Oreos.  Michael actually ordered one of those hamburgers that have Krispy Kreme donut buns.  It was OK.   The rabbit barn was awesome--but you cannot bring balloons into the barn.  Rabbits hate balloons.  We watched a woman use a chainsaw create some sort of log art.  We did not eat funnel cakes. We did not ride any vomit-inducing rides.  

Sophie had her cross-country BBQ later that night which allowed the adults to eat poke and pork dumplings for dinner.  We almost destroyed my three tier steamer by allowing it to boil completely dry.  The pork dumpling recipe was beyond delicious.  I got the pork at a Chinese grocery, and let me tell you, it was FATTY!  The dumplings fairly exploded when you bit into them.     I did omit the shrimp and just added more pork, and we steamed instead of boiling due to concerns about their integrity.  

After the debauchery of the weekend I logged onto my healthcare website to discover that my hemoglobin A1C was 6.1%!   That is pre diabetes range.  WTF.  I am currently finishing my 4th day without bread.  I had a chicken biscuit without the biscuit today.  I bought two Paleo cookbooks.  Sophie got a haircut.  The apocalypse is nigh.

One last picture of me eating carbs.

One last picture of me eating carbs.

Keep on runnin'

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