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Are you even Paleo?

Rustled up some caveman pancakes recently.  From Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook, these are the "mini cinnamon pancakes."  They were surprisingly light and delicious.  I am not sure if they are in any way better than regular pancakes with respect to their effects on blood sugar levels, but I did use less maple syrup on top possibly because I knew they were allegedly healthier.  

Am I healthier?  Who knows.  I'll probably recheck my hemoglobin A1C in November.  I improved my time on a recent workout by >1 minute (3 rounds of 10 thrusters/10 burpees over bar) and got a new 5 rep max on my bench press (78#).  I had a particularly hideous call on Labor Day.  At one point I had two patients in labor, one in triage and one on prolonged monitoring for a worrisome fetal heart rate tracing.  That's when I ate 1/2 of a salted almond dark chocolate bar.  I gave the rest to my colleague who totally saved my butt by delivering a "stop and drop."  That's labor and delivery speak for someone who comes in and shoots a baby out rapidly.  When someone asks me "how do you stay up for 24 hours and function?" I can honestly say it's the people, and sugar + caffeine.  People who work in hospitals aren't Paleo.

I came home, ate some turkey and then went to Crossfit.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch sleeping on and off during a Project Runway binge.  

I am looking forward to the following: Kelly Clarkson at Wolf Trap, the Hershey RV show, Sophie's first XC meet, and Maddy's arrival with a bunch of her friends for a small-press book show.  We are going to have beef and leaf.  Paleo.  We are also going to have some fantastic dessert to balance things out.  Sophie and I checked out Dominque Ansel's cookbook at the library.  He's the cronut inventor.  The book is divided into beginner/intermediate/advanced recipes.  We are firmly in the beginner-intermediate category.  I'm not sure what we are making, but it will be cheat-worthy.

Tostones. Green plantain fried in coconut oil.  Will make again.

Tostones. Green plantain fried in coconut oil.  Will make again.

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