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Keep on runnin'

Ironically, now that I decided to defer the marathon, I have actually enjoyed my last few runs.  Sunday I did 8.5 miles and then a Crossfit partner WOD.  Up until yesterday, the cooler weather had also been more conducive to a run at a decent hour of the morning.  I still have that Army Ten-Miler coming up October 11th.  Still semi-dreading it.  My achilles has finally calmed down, but I am reluctant to add any speedwork at this point.  Hoping the high intensity stuff at Crossfit will keep me quick.

I am very interested to see how the dietary adjustments I am making play out in relation to my fitness.  I grudgingly admit that (mostly) eliminating the white sugar and white flour from my diet this last week has made me crave them less.  I had a post-call cheat day yesterday.  It was initiated by a 4:00 a.m. snack of 2 slices of bread and 2 graham crackers, stress-eaten while watching a troublesome fetal monitor strip.  Dug the hole deeper with won-ton strips and some of the honeybee cakes Sophie and I made last week.  Back on track this morning and making a Buffalo Chicken casserole for dinner tonight.  I also threw together the sesame-peanut bars from this month's BA.  I subbed almond butter and almonds for the peanuts because peanuts are legumes, not Paleo.  Obsessive.  This will surely change.  There is no way I am giving up dairy, or BEER!

Sophie's XC time trials were this past Saturday and she equalled her time from last year despite not attending running camp this summer.  Maybe it's the new haircut.  Ian got some (100+) good pictures, and we are all lamenting the possible loss of a beautiful space.  The property has been sold to a developer, and I am sure the latest McMansion development will be a death knell for this course that the team has been using for >15 years.  It's sad to think about future generations of Vikings who will miss out on the tradition of time trials at "the Towers." 

Are you even Paleo?

Hook 'em horns