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The good, the bad and the really bad.

We had a great time at the Hershey RV show, and I think we have decided on our future new RV.   It will have to wait until Ian is out of the Army, and by then the house in Hawaii will be paid off along with the car.  Pictured below is the Itasca/Winnebago Navion 24J.  This had the best floor plan, and we hadn't even considered it initially because we thought the corner bed would be too small.  I quickly determined that the U-shaped dinette was a must-have, because, Bananagrams.  It has a cab-over bed, and I anticipate we could sleep up to 6 people.   The Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31K was a close second until we talked with somebody who owned a smaller model.  They loved it, but the 6-7 mpg fuel economy was a deal-breaker.  The Navion is built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis and gets 15-17 mpg.  It has optional solar panels and a generator for camping off the grid.  We will replace the toilet with a composting model.   Our hope is to spend a year off traveling North America before heading to Hawaii.  The RV would stay in the mainland and be used initially for vacations with the kids and possibly for extended travel once we are totally retired.  

We got home from the show in time to go to Sophie's XC pasta dinner.  The Milk Bar cookies we brought were well received.  I was so looking forward to attending her first meet, but I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating neck/shoulder/arm pain.  When 800 mg of ibuprofen and a 5 year old Vicodin that I had hoarded from a previous ER visit did't touch it we decided to go to the ER.   As we suspected, the MRI showed a disc bulge at C6--confirming our working diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy.  After a total of 10 mg IV valium, 3 mg of dilaudid and some IV decadron I was functional.  By functional,  I mean I was able to go to sleep for a couple of hours while awaiting the MRI results.  The ER team was great, especially my nurse who expedited my pain meds and got my IV with the first try.  There are likely some baked goods in their future.  I was sent home with valium/percocet/ibuprofen and a medrol dose pack.  I will hold off on Crossfit for a few days until I get in to see the doctor/physical therapist.  My personal physical therapist left for Alaska on Sunday and won't be back for a week.  

Maddy and a few of her friends were in town for the Small Press Expo, and I felt well enough later in the day on Saturday to cook some Korean food (kalbi, samgyeopsal, chap jae).  We had champagne to celebrate our family.  Sophie had a bad day at the races (her time was still 33 sec faster than last year...), Maddy just missed passing an important test, and I had been through the wringer, but we were all together and, aside from my neck issue, healthy.  

As I type this, I suspect the IV decadron has run its course because the neck pain is back.  I had to take a percocet on top of the ibuprofen and steroid pills.  Counting the hours until I can call for my appointment and remembering weird dreams about being in the hospital with a c-collar made out of socks.  There was a petting zoo in the hospital atrium with guinea pigs, chickens and rabbits.  And that was before I took the percocet.

Pain, pain go away.

Are you even Paleo?