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Pain, pain go away.

I had a set back Monday night complete with another tearful early morning trip to the ER.  This time I had to drive myself so no narcotics--just IV toradol and a lidocaine patch.  I am unbelievably grateful for the Army physical therapy clinic who expedited my appointment for later that day.  Maddy drove back up to help out and my coworkers stepped in and covered a shift for me.  The pain has been intermittently severe and unpredictable.  The general trend has been improvement, but when I feel it start to escalate in the slightest I find myself increasingly anxious.  It is the kind of pain that is all-consuming--when it's there, I feel like it will never go away, and when it's gone I am just waiting for it to come back.  It is exhausting.  I find myself napping almost daily--partly due to poor sleep at night, but mostly because I feel wrung out.  I have not been back to Crossfit (the thought of lifting anything overhead makes me shudder), but the PT cleared me for running.  Interestingly, the pain is almost completely gone after the first mile.  I get 45 minutes of normal each day during my run.

My physical therapy treatment has included dry needling with and without e-stim.  For someone who is a pretty significant needle-phobic, I signed the consent form for treatment with no hesitation whatsoever.  The needles are so thin you barely notice the insertion.  When they hit a trigger point it's like an instant charley horse--this fatigues the muscle and allows it to relax.  The final read on the MRI was good news--all just age-related changes, no acute process.  I am hopeful that this pain will continue its downward trajectory.  It's been >48 hours since I've had a Percocet, and I'll be done with my steroid taper tomorrow.  

Things that made me happy this week: cashew cheese, vegan chocolate cake (I ate two pieces), running, Maddy, Sophie and Cyrus binge-watching Project Runway with me, my rice sock, and the love and care from family and friends.  I will leave you with this picture that probably needs a trigger warning....

The fabric of our lives.

The good, the bad and the really bad.