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We like the nightlife, we like to boogie.

Ian had his first Uber experience in Charleston.  He and our young driver talked "Call of Duty," and he was pleasantly surprised by both the speed and value.  Maddy encouraged us to rate our driver with 5 stars--apparently they have to get a certain number of good ratings to retain their jobs.  That, and not assault anybody.  

We arrived at The Gin Joint just in time to snag the last table.  The craft cocktails were surprisingly reasonably priced and delicious.  They had a selection called "bartender's choice" where you  chose two adjectives, i.e. fruity and nonalcoholic (Sophie) or spicy and smoky (Maddy) and they created something original.  I wish the food had matched the quality of the cocktails, but the ricotta stuffed meatball was dry and the donuts clearly suffered from underproofing.

Meatball disappointment aside, it was magical to wander the streets on an unseasonably warm December evening (coincidently our 19th anniversary).  We planned to rectify the substandard donut experience with a trip to Glazed Gourmet the next morning.

This is Winter in Charleston?

A White (Sand) Christmas