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This is Winter in Charleston?

I just realized I used the phrase "unseasonably warm" in my last two posts.  But people, 80 degrees!  Tank tops and shorts weather, for normal people and not the well-lubricated folks you see at football games attired only in body paint.

It made for some great running/walking around weather to counteract the donuts, biscuits, bourbon and Brunswick stew we consumed.

The Charleston City Market was somewhat disappointing with a bizarre assortment of crafts and spice "kits" (including a stand that sold alpaca products--the cutest stuff there but not "local"),

We did enjoy quite a bit of boutique shopping--passionfruit honey for Sophie at the Savannah Bee Company, a cool deer skull necklace for Maddy, and though I was tempted-I never did buy my Carolina Gold Rice.

As I type this, approximately one month later, I am looking out at the 24+ inches of snow blanketing much of the DMV.  Stay tuned for a post about ice caves.


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