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The culmination of hours and hours of sewing and hot gluing....Katsucon 2016.  This was my first anime convention, and I have mixed reviews.  It was truly a spectacle, but the ajumma in me was annoyed by the lines, the lack of organization and the inability of many presenters to generally have their shit together.

With few exceptions, the panels I attended experienced A-V difficulties which was difficult to believe given the high nerd quotient of a con.  Sophie and friends had a great time.  Even the fire alarm that forced us out into frigid temperatures couldn't dampen their enthusiasm.  Ian and I had a nice happy hour meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant and dinner at Ed Lee's Succotash the following evening.  Staying in Old Town Alexandria made traveling back and forth each day much less painful, plus, continental breakfast.  We left with some adorable merchandise, great photos and good memories.  Sophie is already planning her Otakon cosplays for August.  

I'm looking forward to our trip to Puerto Rico later this month, completing my second Crossfit Open workout tomorrow and Maddy's visit next weekend.  I made the lion's head meatballs from the Lucky Peach 101 Easy Asian recipes yesterday, and they were delicious.  They hit the spot after an afternoon spent helping at outdoor track time trials in the 40 mph winds.  It's supposed to snow tonight.  After the 65 degree day we had on Tuesday it seems like a cruel joke.  I'll have to move somewhere warmer than Canada if Trump wins.

Today I am cleaning the house in preparation for a dinner party with some college friends of Ian's this Saturday.  I am counting on my family to keep it clean between now and then as I have an overnight shift tomorrow night.  We will have the sticky sweet pork/coconut rice and green papaya salad from Pok Pok and halo halo for dessert.  I made two batches of ube ice cream today and I have a can of, no kidding, "gelatinous mutant coconut," so I am ready.

I sewed those buttons on hours before this picture was taken....

I sewed those buttons on hours before this picture was taken....


Happy Japanese New Year!