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Murph 2016

Our bathroom/basement renovations are finally complete; Taco Party 4.0 has come and gone; and the skin has grown back on my hands post-Murph.  I can type out to quick post a get back on track with the blog.  I was able to check off a big entry on my Crossfit bucket list this past Memorial Day--performing Murph as rx'd.  100 pull-ups without a band.  Eight skin rips starting about halfway through.  When I started Crossfit in 2013 I couldn't do a single pull-up.

It took me 45:45 to get through the mile run/100 pull-ups/200 push-ups/300 air squats/mile run.  Then I was nearly unable to take my sports bra off for the shower I was simultaneously dreading and looking forward to. It took a couple of days of diligent WOD welder application before I could wash my hands without wincing.  Surprisingly, my legs were not sore at all.  I survived the next day on L&D by avoiding the Purell dispensers.

After a grueling morning of SAT subject tests, Sophie and I went to the NEX to buy a birthday present for her friend's party tonight.  It is a combination birthday/graduation party that begins at 8:00 p.m.  The dress code is "cocktail attire.  A very nice Korean? lady at the Benefit counter applied more makeup than Sophie has had on her face in her whole life.  She looks older, and the "highlighter makes my eyes look less dead."  

Ian stayed home so the air-conditioning repairman could fix our unit.  Apparently the problem involved some breakers, the fan motor and a "huge ant nest in the compressor."  Unbelievably, he did not get a picture for us.

We are wishing Maddy was here this weekend, but she is enjoying cooking in the Pippin Hill kitchen.  I am currently very unmotivated in the cooking department.  Like we just had Velveeta/Rotel dip and chips for dinner unmotivated.  I did make an excellent vanilla ice cream early this week to accompany the first round of pick-your-own strawberries.  Nearly 5 lbs. of strawberries gone in <5 days.

Coming up in the near future--college visits in California, a trip to Williamsburg for the fourth, and the Finger Lakes in mid-July.  Stay tuned.