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House of Pure Aloha

There is a new shave ice purveyor in town in the Aina Haina shopping center, and it makes a perfect stop on your way home from Hanauma Bay.  Uncle Clay Chang and his nephew Bronson opened this past fall with a double pronged mission of creating some really ono shave ice and spreading their message on living pure aloha.  For every dollar spent on gift cards, the Changs will give a certain percentage back to selected charities, and they are putting the local back in shave ice with local partners and suppliers. 

The shave ice pictured above is lichee and coconut with homemade mochi hearts and azuki beans--not the usual garish colors one would expect because the syrups are all natural.  Certainly less photogenic but definitely no less tasty.  They are also the first shave ice establishment to offer a kale-based syrup--a little too green for me, but I'm sure there will be takers.  

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and live the aloha.

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