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Fast Food with a View

Plate lunch: meat + rice + macaroni salad.  A winning formula, and Zippy's does it right.  No trip to Hawaii is complete without a stop here.  This is hearty fare, perfect for replacing the calories you just burned surfing or hiking.  

Korean Fried chicken: crispy and coated with a sweet garlic sauce.

The beloved Zippy's chili.  They will ship to the mainland for the die-hard fans.

Fried noodles: Sophie's favorite dish.

From Napolean's Bakery--the associated pastry shop within Zippy's.  This is their Reese's Cup Doughnut.  Sophie referred to it as "the Holy Grail of Doughnuts."  We were saving room for shave ice, or I would have had a coconut napple--a flaky coconut filled turnover unique to Zippy's.

 Zippy's... easy on your wallet not on your waistline.....

House of Pure Aloha

Matsumoto's Shave Ice and the North Shore