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Pa'ina Cafe

 Hoping to maximize our poke intake before returning to the Mainland we checked out Pa'ina Cafein Koko Marina Shopping Center on our way home from Sandy's.

Pa'ina means "gathering," and their mission is to bring people together with fresh, really ono food.  To that effect, their menu is diverse with a selection of sandwiches, plate lunch, salads and bowls to please the entire group.

The concept of a poke bowl is new to me, but echoes the ice cream sundae construction.   A base + toppings=huge variety of flavor combinations.

Take a base of brown or white rice, add a sauce (spicy/mild), poke of your choice, and as many toppings as you like and are willing to pay for at 50 cents each.  The cheerful staff will have the bowl of goodness to you in short order.   Can't decide on one type of poke?  No worries, they let you do half/half.  The day we went they had masago (flying fish roe) wasabi poke, and I mixed that up with the limu ahi poke, topped with scallions, kimchi and seaweed salad--see first picture in post.  Ian went heavy on the kimchi.

 Cullen got the Hawaiian bowl--poke plus kalua pig and lomi salmon.

 Maddy got the poke salad bowl--no rice + salad dressing.  Sophie got a grilled cheese--no surprise there.  The poke was super fresh, and no price increase this close to New Years!?  A large bowl will run you $6.35, and there had to be close to a half pound of ahi on each bowl.  The Hawaiian bowl is $7.25.  Time ran out for another stop at Pa'ina Cafe for me, but Ian returned for the Hawaiian bowl.  I am back to a poke-free existence in Texas and wishing Pa'ina Cafe delivered.

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