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Layton's Dip'n Donuts


Not pictured--the reason we went to Layton's.  Powdered sugar donuts.  My powdered sugar donut obsession started early in life with the Holy Grail of Donuts.  We called them "crullers," and they were a summertime treat from a little bakery in Madison, CT.  Layton's has come close to replicating them, and I sought them out on trips to Ocean City, Maryland some 28 years(!) ago.  They are still the same, and they do not disappoint.  A freshly made donut liberally coated in powdered sugar with crispy edges, especially in the "hole" region.  We used to frequent their 92nd street location, but I can attest that the donuts at the 16th street location are equally delicious. 

 Layton's has a full breakfast menus, and the 92nd St. location has outdoor seating.  Don't know how their breakfast rates since I have only gone for the donuts. 

Sophie, easily swayed by color, enjoys her Fruity Pebble encrusted treat.

 Apple fritter, impressive, yes, but still not as good as powdered sugar. 

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