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2013 Conte Priola Delle Venezie (Italy) Pinot Noir, $8

While picking up a few more bottles of our favorite rioja at Total Wines I impulsively purchased a handful of fairly inexpensive pinot noir wines.  We have several bottles in the $15-$35 range, but no less expensive pinot noirs.

This $8 italian wine did not disappoint.

On the nose was nothing notable.  Other than slightly higher acidity the wine was well balanced and very drinkable.  

The wine did not overly "wow" us but had some complexity.  NIce to find a low alcohol wine to drink during week (12% ABV).

Decently paired with brussels sprout risotto with Gruyere cheese.  

Good pinot noir.  Would buy again.

Sipped: 2+/6 (good)

Paired: 3-/6 (very good)

2012 Kudos (Oregon) Pinot Noir, $16

2012 Montinore Gewürztraminer Willamette Valley, $15