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2011 Almodi Petit (Spain, Terra Alta), $10

Good cheese wine

Good cheese wine

This blend is simple, and very good.  I purchased at the recommendation of an elderly and enthusiastic female wine associate at Total Wines (MD Corridor).  She identified it as a terrific table wine for weekdays, a good table wine.  Her assessment was correct.

The Almodi Petit contains 34% syrah, 28% grenache, 20% samso (carignan or cinsault), 18% merlot. 

This is a low acid, fruit forward wine with 14.5% alcohol content by volume.  Smooth and very drinkable.  The flavor dissipates rapidly.  This could be a dangerous wine at a free flowing dinner party. Or happy hour.  Would be great for a picnic.

We enjoyed the wine with a delicious cheese board.  It paired very well.  From most favorite to least, see pairing notes:

1) Brie - completely removed the acidity and accentuated the fruit in the wine

2) Smelly Virginia cheese which tastes like smoke gouda, only much more complex and moody - delicious fruit and cheese fusion

3) Goat cheese - again blended well with wine

4) Aged white cheddar - transformed cheese into a more buttery flavor.

Delicious wine to pair with cheese!

Sipped: 3/6 (very good)

Paired: 3/6 (very good)

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