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And it begins

$28 no hollar

$28 no hollar

We love wine.  Our 3 foot tall, 8 inch diameter  glass vase filled to brim with hundreds of corks gives us away.  Our recent attendance to a "wine bootcamp" sealed the deal.  I wanted to know wines.  I wanted to remember wines.

I have had the benefit of marrying my best friend, who also happens to be the most talented home chef I know.  I am hoping to complement her fine cuisine with improved libations.

We will attempt to let our big wines age.  We currently have 15 bottles of cabernet sauvignon from 2007-2010 vintages, and 3 bottles of zinfandel from our friend Dave at Dave Clinton Wine Cellars.  Our nomadic lifestyle will keep the amount of wine we store reasonable.  The 440 bottle wine chillier at Costco will have to wait.

One of the lessons I learned from the boot camp is vintage matters.  In a good year great wines are everywhere.  We hope Freemark Abbey is one of those.  We purchased six.  2010 was a fantastic year for California, especially for the cabs.  2011 not so much.  Robert Parker say "it should be forgotten for 3-4 years and drunk over the following two decades".

 Okay Rob.  We will try.



013 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Ti Point, $8

2012 Rose de Mouton Cadet, $10