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2012 Rose de Mouton Cadet, $10

This is you parents wine

This is you parents wine

Rose de Mouton Cadet is the least expensive and "lowest quality" of the Chateau Mouton-Rothchild Bourdeauxs. Chateau M-R is one of five first growth (Primiers Crus) vineyards.  The three quality levels are:



Region + Chateau (best)

This is a really dry wine with a non-descript smell.  Simple.  Pairs well with variety of food, including kale salad with garlic oil and parmesan cheese, grilled shrimp with cilantro, and tomato rice.

I like it.  Nostalgically reminds me of the box wine my parents drank in the 90s.  Great for summer, better with food than as a sipper.

Sipped or paired: 3/6 (very good)

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