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2012 Pinot D'Oro, Pinot Noir, Zagat Wine Club

Fruit explosion

Fruit explosion

Another bottle from the ZWC enjoyed on our recent trip to Oakland, MD.  

A fruit explosion in your mouth.  Long lingering, pleasant flavor lasting over a minute.  Very low tannins.   Very drinkable.  Reminds me of a sangria.  We drank this alone after dinner.

Also during the trip I tested two wine label scanning.

For simplicity, I like Vivino. Scanning works well and simply shows user comments on the wine.  Exactly what I wanted.

Drync ("drink") is another program.  This is a fully integrated blog / commercial space application that has some utility in finding interesting, well-rated wines.  There is definitely an e-commerce undertone, and the push to register just to see prices is a little bit of a turnoff for me.

On another note I looked more into the multiple wine clubs (Zagat, Washington Post, William Sonoma, etc.)  All look to be good deals but unfortunately all unable to deliver to Maryland.  God Bless America, and our state's rights to limit the distribution of wine. Ok, done whining.  

No Vintage, Little Washington Winery, Cabernet Franc, $24

2013 All Out Merlot, Zagat Wine Club