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2013 All Out Merlot, Zagat Wine Club

We headed to Oakland, MD near Wisp Ski resort for the second time with our good friends Carlos and Marilu.  They brought several bottles from their Zagat Wine Club.

The All Out Merlot and the Charles Smith Chateau Smith 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon were highly drinkable.  It seemed as if the wine makers figured out a way to age the wine more quickly than with conventional wine, resulting in a more mature, medium body, somewhat sophisticated wine.

Zagat Wine club offers 12 bottles (+ 3 bonus bottles) for $70 + $20 S&H.  At a little less than $8 a bottle, this seems to be a good deal.  Not outstanding, but very, very drinkable, especially for such young red wines.

2012 Pinot D'Oro, Pinot Noir, Zagat Wine Club

013 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Ti Point, $8