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No Vintage, Little Washington Winery, Cabernet Franc, $24

This wine is a gem.  Sipped: 4/6 (excellent)

The Cab Franc was clearly the favorite wine during our trip to the Western Maryland last weekend.  

This is a boutique wine from Little Washington Winery (LWW) and can only be purchased at the winery. LWW also has the distinction having the best red wine, the #2 best picnic spot, and the #3 best white wine in Virginia.  They have a boot camp you can purchase through Groupon (or similar service), which provides an excellent introduction to wine tasting.  

I like that the winemaker, Carl, is a lifelong learner.  He knows how to listen, and it is clear that he is continuously working to improve his wine.

LWW also has a selection of delicious wines from around the world (many boutique in nature like LWW) which takes a counter-culture approach to the somewhat snooty wine rating establishment.  The LWW wine offerings and tastings offered a fresh perspective.

There is no vintage on this cab franc, indicating the winemaker used grapes from multiple years.  The decision to forego vintage is part of a larger movement in the US wine industry to take a labeling "penalty" in the name of creative license.  Other manifestations include the blending of various vintages or grapes from different regions.

All this said, this cab franc is delicious.  Well balanced, with complexity, and a lingering flavor that lasts well over a minute.

A trip to the winery to enjoy a bottle of U-turn would be well worth your time.


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