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2010 Chateau Anniche Cotes De Bordeaux, $12, 1st of 3

The Cotes De Bordeaux consists of four region of Graves (France) but sits on the East side of the river in the Southern Bordeaux region.  In France bottles are identified by region, but U.S. imports use grapes from all the regions. 

This wine is the type that grabs you my the collar letting you know it has some umph but the very, very tannic nature slowed us down.

Over the next four days the wine mellowed and became quite delicious.

Like most of the reasonable Bordeaux's available in the U.S., merlot is the primary varietal at 50%.  Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Cabernet Franc (15%), and Malbec (10%) round out the wine.

This wine seems to need more time to mature.  We will plan to store this Bordeaux  for at least a couple more years before opening the next bottle. 

Day 1 sipped: 2/6 (good)

Day 1 with St Andre cheese: 2/6 (good)

Day 4 with sipped: 2+/6 (good)

I taste potential.  Agains, needs time and some time in a decanter before next attempt.

2013 Barboursville Chardonnay, $13, 1st of 2

2012 Molon Lave Autumn Nectar, $29