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2013 Barboursville Chardonnay, $13, 1st of 2

Ginny visited Barboursville Winery on way back from Charlottesville earlier this month and picked up a few bottles.  There appears to be a distinct Virginia Chardonnay flavor profile and this wine seemed similar to the chardonnay at Little Washington Winery.  

This is an unoaked, crisp, and dry chardonnay.  The flavor is tight and purposeful targeting elegance over boldness.

We did not pair the wine.

The Virginia chardonnay's are growing on me.

Sipped 3-/6 (very good)

Looking forward to the next bottle in a year or so.

2010 Chalone Vineyards Estate Grown Pinor Noir, $22, 1st of 4

2010 Chateau Anniche Cotes De Bordeaux, $12, 1st of 3