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2013 La Vieille Ferme Rose, $7.50

Ginny and I had a little bit of empty nest like feelings today.  Our close friends from Kansas moved onto their new home, and we dropped Sophie off at camp for the week.  

The Vieille Ferme rose provided an excellent balance between dry and sweet and matched well with the heavily seasoned kalbi (Korean bbq) ribs as well as salad with fennel, tomato, zucchini and sorrel.  Rates a full point higher than the Miraval Rose, in part because it is almost 1/3 of the price but also because it just tasted better.  

Sipped: 4-/6 (excellent)

With food: 4-/6 (excellent)

Not surprisingly however, does not pair well with guava chifon cake.  It is a sugar against sugar thing.

Post Script.  I found this review from wine.com after writing my review:

"Excellent rosé for the price. Crisp with a fresh clean fruit nose, everything you could want with a rosé. This was actually used at the winery I work at in a blind tasting of six rosés and it received the highest rating of all wines, rated even above miraval by the entire staff, winemaker, and owner! It was meant to be the cheap ringer and ended up the winner."


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