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2001 Montecillo Grand Reserva Rioja & 2009 Chateau Lajarre Bourdeaux Superieur, Priceless

Our friends brought back 400 bottles of wine from Belgium.  They are down to 40 bottles.  They shared two of their remaining collection with us.

The 2001 rioja vintage was among the best in the last 20 years.  Unlike in the US where terms like "Reserve" don't have associated standards, "Grand Reserve" in Spain represents the highest quality rioja, and is required to ferment at least two years in oak barrels and 3 years in the bottle. The big, full flavor of this rioja was terrific.

The 2009 & 2010 bordeauxs were also among the best vintages in the last two decades.   We thoroughly enjoyed this bordeaux, which clearly represented the excellent 2009 vintage.

We were so stoked to see close friends we had not seen since we lived in our enchanted community in Kansas.  Sharing these bottles was truly special.


No vintage, Cupcake Prosecco, $14

2013 La Vieille Ferme Rose, $7.50