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2012 Greg Norman Limestone Shiraz, $15

This Shiraz was quite good.  There are several good Shiraz / Syrah offerings available at reasonable prices.  Consider other Shiraz / Syrah's from Australia (like Jacob's Creek), as well as Chile (like Santa Rita), all around $10-$15. 

We paired this wine with "beef and leaf", a korean dish that combines kalbi (marinated beef) with sesame leafs and gochujang (spicy fermented red chili paste) into a sort of lettuce taco.  Nice pairing.

Sipped: 3/6 (very good)

Pairing: 3+/6 (very good)





2013 Hugues Beauvignac PicPoul De Pinet, $7.50

2012 Clos du Bois North Coast Chardonnay, $9, 3rd of 12