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2011 Maryland Sugarloaf Mountain Comus, $25

This is delicious bottle of wine, gifted to us several parties ago.  It is a semi-dry red that is remarkable smooth, very well balanced, and long on taste. 

From a internet search, I learned that Sugarloaf Mountain Winery and Comus wine are both highly acclaimed.  2011 was an especially good year.

We paired with bison / pork sausage from the Dupont Circle Farmers Market and cilantro sweet potato.  Delicious pairing.

While Maryland wines are not cheap in general, I found this one quite good and would consider buying again.

Sipped: 3+/6 (very good)

Paired: 4-/6 (excellent)

2012 Erath Oregon Pinor Noir, $15

2007 Cameron Hughes Yountville (Napa) Cabernet Sauvignon, Lot 157, $15