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2007 Cameron Hughes Yountville (Napa) Cabernet Sauvignon, Lot 157, $15

This was one of two bottles remaining from a case purchased in 2010.  Lot 157 received much critical acclaim for its very moderate Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon price, and accompanied many delicious meat-intensive dinners.

However, a nagging concern has continued to grow.  I wondered if transport and improper storage would negatively impact this bottle.  Unfortunately, it did.

While drinkable, Ginny noted there seemed to be a lack of flavor.  For me, the wine tasted more strongly of alcohol and less of fruit.  We enjoyed with a 1.5 inch T-bone steak.

While disappointing, Lot 157 was still very drinkable.

Sipping: 3-/6 (very good)

Pairing: 3/6 (very good)

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