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2009, Muga Rioja Seleccion Especial, $30

We tried this wine with great anticipation.  Online reviews were good, and this bottle received a 95 from Wine Spectator - a "classic", and one of 9 highest rated rioja wines at this time.  I have a theory that ratings do not follow a linear path and that probably anything above a 90 is pretty close in taste.  Perhaps I am wrong?

I am thinking "Seleccion Especial" Reserva is somewhere between the mid-level "reserva" and the highest level of gran reserva.

The rioja reserva was silky smooth and very well balanced.  Desirable complexity for a middle-weight red wine.  Definitely ready to drink.  We savored each sip.  Pairing with Korean style chicken did not significantly change the taste.

Sipped: 5/6 (fantastic)

Paired: 5/6 (fantastic)

This if our first wine rated at a 5 on our scale of 1 to 6.  We purchased the five remaining bottles.  I think we will pair next bottle with paella, lamb, or a heavy stew.

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