2013 Hugues Beauvignac PicPoul De Pinet, $7.50

This wine was recommended by a very enthusiastic Total Wine employee.  Apparently this used to be the house wine at The Inn at Little Washington, an $800 a night stay with highly renowned cuisine and an amazing wine cellar.  The grape is grown in southern France in the Picpoul de Pinet appellation.  Picpoul is the varietal.

Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed this wine, and promptly purchased more.

Essentially tasted like a very well balanced sauvignon blanc with a kick.  I tasted pepper.  Paired well with fresh corn polenta with tomato sauce.

At $7.50 a bottle, the value of this wine really helped the score.

Sipped: 4-/6 (excellent)

Paired: 4-/6 (excellent)