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2009 Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva, $23

At our favor liquor and wine store (Addy Bassins) we were looking for a good Chianti Classico.  A patron in the store pointed out Monsanto (yes, same name as the giant GMO company, but not associated). 

He said "you will love it". To this point I had been lukewarm on Chianti thinking of the bottomless glass at Macaroni Grill back in the day, which was exceedingly dry and fair at best.

We purchased the last bottle and found out that this particular bottle received many accolades with scores in the 92-93 range from the major reviewers.

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed this bottle.  It transformed my ideas on Chianti and we would happily buy another bottle again.

2012 A by Acacia (California) Pinot Noir, $10

2013 Casillero del Diablo Central Valley Carmenere Reserva, $8