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2012 Chateau Ste Michelle Horse Heaven (Washington) Sauvignon Blanc, $11

I recognized this wine as a Wine Spectator top 100 (with a score of 90) for 2013 while shopping at Costco. 

It now ranks as one of my favorites Sauvignon Blanc and I happily purchased the last few 2012 bottles from Costco.  Definitely better than the Ste Michelle's Columbia River offering, the aroma is perfect and the balance is exceedingly well crafted.

We shared this bottle with on of Ginny's friends from high school who we consider quite well versed in wine.  He wanted to find it. We paired with an traditional English savory pie and an ahi salad with gochujang sauce.  The wine carried enough backbone to pair well, even with the spicy sauce. 

I remember reading about the amazing quality control at Ste Michelle, and likely the 2013 will be similarly delicious.


2009 Rioja Vega (Spain), $9

2012 A by Acacia (California) Pinot Noir, $10